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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.46th LISBON International Conference on “Marketing, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences” (LMEHSS-23) Dec. 11-13, 2023 Lisbon (Portugal)2023-12-112023-12-13Portugal
    2.27th LISBON International Conference on Latest Trends in Engineering, Technology & Natural Sciences (LLTETN-23) on Dec. 11-13, 2023 Lisbon (Portugal)2023-12-112023-12-13Portugal
    3.25th LISBON International Conference on “Advances in Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering” (LACBE-23) on Dec. 11-13, 2023 Lisbon (Portugal​)2023-12-112023-12-13Portugal
    4.25th LISBON International Conference on “Advances in Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering” (LACBE-23) on Dec. 11-13, 2023 Lisbon (Portugal​)2023-12-112023-12-13Portugal
    5.25th LISBON International Conference on Architecture, Structure and Civil Engineering (ICASCE-23) Dec. 11-13, 2023 Lisbon (Portugal)2023-11-112023-12-11Portugal
    6.22nd International Conference e-Society 20242023-09-222024-03-09Portugal
    7.17th IADIS International Conference Information Systems 20242023-09-222024-03-09Portugal
    8.20th International Conference Mobile Learning 20242023-09-222024-03-09Portugal
    9.10ª Conferência Ibero Americana em Computação Aplicada 20232023-08-212023-10-22Portugal
    10.20ª Conferência Ibero Americana WWW/Internet 20232023-08-212023-10-22Portugal
    11.20th International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age2023-08-212023-10-21Portugal
    12.20th International Conference Applied Computing 20232023-08-212023-10-21Portugal
    13.22nd International Conference WWW/Internet 20232023-08-212023-10-21Portugal
    14.Workshop on Virtual Machines and Language Implementations (VMIL’23) - Call for Papers2023-08-022023-10-22Portugal
    15.2023 Workshop on Virtual Machines and Language Implementations - Co-located with SPLASH'23 - Call for Work-in-progress and Position Papers2023-08-022023-10-22Portugal
    16.13th International Conference on Internet Technologies & Society 20232023-07-242023-10-21Portugal
    17.48th WSAVA Congress and 28th FECAVA Eurocongress, hosted by APMVEAC in Lisbon, partnered with FIAVAC2023-06-202023-09-27Portugal
    18.4th International Conference on Fluid Flow and Thermal Science (ICFFTS’23)2023-06-172023-12-07Portugal
    19.4th International Conference on Advances in Energy Research and Applications (ICAERA’23)2023-06-172023-12-07Portugal
    20.4th International Conference on Civil Engineering Fundamentals and Applications (ICCEFA’23)2023-06-172023-12-04Portugal
    21.4th International Conference on Environmental Science and Applications (ICESA’23)2023-06-172023-12-04Portugal
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    Cascais(2)| Funchal, Madeira Island(6)| Lisbon(9)| Lisbon Congress Centre, 1 Praça das Indústrias, Li(1)| Porto(3)|