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    期刊/会议征稿在线 2056 - Francis Academic Press 外文期刊

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    Category Francis Academic Press 国际英文普刊 ; 英文普刊; Boya Century Publishing;《International Core Journal of Engineering》 (ICJE) ISSN: 2414-1895 《World Scientific Research Journal》(WSRJ) ISSN: 2472-3703 《Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management》(JCEIM) ISSN: 2413-1660 《Computer Life》 (CPL) ISSN: 1819-4818

    Deadline: June 22, 2056 | Date: June 26, 2056-June 29, 2056

    Venue/Country: wuhan, China

    Updated: 2018-11-19 15:14:48 (GMT+9)

    Call For Papers - CFP

    Francis Academic Press 国际英文普刊

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    FJ001 Frontiers in Educational Research 教育研究期刊 ISSN 2522-6398

    FJ002 Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences 农业和生命科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5910

    FJ003 Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences 医学和健康科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5791

    FJ004 Academic Journal of Computing & Information Science 计算和信息科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5775

    FJ005 Academic Journal of Mathematical Sciences 数学科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5805

    FJ006 Academic Journal of Physics & Energy 物理和能源期刊 ISSN 2616-5813

    FJ007 Academic Journal of Materials & Chemistry 材料和化学期刊 ISSN 2616-5880

    FJ008 Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science 黄静和地球科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5872

    FJ009 Academic Journal of Business & Management 商业和管理期刊 ISSN 2616-5902

    FJ010 Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences 人文和社会科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5783

    FJ011 Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science 工程和技术科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5767

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    Clausius Scientific Press (CSP)

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    ID Journal Title

    AJ001 Internet of Things (IoT) and Engineering Applications 物联网和工程应用期刊 ISSN 2371-8609

    AJ002 Computing, Performance and Communication systems 计算、性能和通信系统期刊 ISSN 2371-8870

    AJ003 Information Systems and Signal Processing Journal 信息系统和信号处理学报 ISSN 2371-9419

    AJ004 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Practice 人工智能实践学报 ISSN 2371-8315

    AJ005 Advances in Computer, Signals and Systems 计算机、信号和系统期刊 ISSN 2371-882X

    AJ006 Journal of Network Computing and Applications 网络计算和应用学报 ISSN 2371-9206

    AJ007 Journal of Web Systems and Applications Web系统和应用学报 ISSN 2560-6905

    AJ008 Journal of Electrotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Management 电子技术、电气工程和管理学报 ISSN 2560-6689

    AJ009 Journal of Electronics and Information Science 电子和信息科学学报 ISSN 2371-9524

    AJ010 Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery 工程力学和机械学报 ISSN 2371-9125

    AJ011 Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology 教育技术和心理学期刊 ISSN 2371-9397

    AJ012 Journal of Image Processing Theory and Applications 图像处理理论和应用学报 ISSN 2560-6220

    AJ013 International Journal of Network and Communication Technology 网络和通信技术期刊 ISSN 2223-5256

    AJ014 Journal of Vehicle and Intelligent Transport System 车辆和智能交通系统学报 ISSN 2521-3776

    AJ015 Journal of Power Electronics, Machines and Drives 电力电子、机械和驱动器学报 ISSN 2521-3784

    AJ016 Journal of Electro Optics and Lasers 光电和激光学报 ISSN 2521-800X

    AJ017 Research and Practice of Mathematics & Statistics 数学和统计学的研究与实践期刊 ISSN 2521-8018

    AJ019 Crypto and Information Security 加密和信息安全期刊 ISSN 2522-6436

    AJ020 Journal of Neural Information Processing 神经信息处理学报 ISSN 2522-6517

    AJ021 Power Systems Computation 电力系统计算期刊 ISSN 2522-6525

    AJ022 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems 微电子机械系统期刊 ISSN 2522-6649

    AJ023 Collaborative and Social Computing 协作和社交计算期刊 ISSN 2522-6657

    AJ024 Frontiers in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 计算机视觉和模式识别期刊 ISSN 2522-6665

    AJ025 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Letters 知识发现和数据挖掘期刊 ISSN 2522-6762

    AJ026 Visual Communications and Image Processing 视觉通信和图像处理期刊 ISSN 2522-6770

    AJ027 File and Storage Technologies 文件和存储技术期刊 ISSN 2522-6819

    AJ028 Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing 声学、语音和信号处理期刊 ISSN 2522-6827

    AJ029 Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management 工业工程和创新管理期刊 ISSN 2522-6924

    AJ030 Frontiers in Genetic and Evolutionary Computation 遗传和进化计算期刊 ISSN 2523-0166

    AJ031 Ultra-Precision Machining Process 超精密加工期刊 ISSN 2523-0158

    AJ032 Urban Transport Systems 城市交通系统期刊 ISSN 2523-0247

    AJ033 Information Systems and Economics 信息系统和经济期刊 ISSN 2523-6407

    AJ034 Landscape and Urban Horticulture 景观和城市园艺期刊 ISSN 2523-6415

    AJ035 Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations 动力系统和微分方程期刊 ISSN 2523-6423

    AJ036 Numerical Algebra and Scientific Computing 数值代数和科学计算期刊 ISSN 2523-6431

    AJ037 High Performance Structures and Materials 高性能结构和材料期刊 ISSN 2523-644X

    AJ038 Digital Manufacturing and Process Management 数字化制造和制造过程管理期刊 ISSN 2523-6458

    AJ039 Intelligent Robots and Systems 智能机器人和系统期刊 ISSN 2523-6466

    AJ040 Journal of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning 土木工程和城市规划学报 ISSN 2616-3969

    AJ041 Transactions on Cancer 癌症期刊 ISSN 2523-6482

    AJ042 Bacterial Genetics and Ecology 细菌遗传和生态学期刊 ISSN 2523-6490

    AJ043 Environment and Climate Protection 环境和气候保护期刊 ISSN 2523-6504

    AJ044 Bridge and Structural Engineering 桥梁和结构工程期刊 ISSN 2523-6512

    AJ045 Information and Knowledge Management 信息和知识管理期刊 ISSN 2523-5893

    AJ046 Aerospace and Electronics 航空航天和电子期刊 ISSN 2523-5907

    AJ047 Mobile Computing and Networking 移动计算和网络期刊 ISSN 2523-5915

    AJ048 Vehicle Power and Propulsion 车辆动力和推进期刊 ISSN 2523-5923

    AJ049 Electrical Insulation and Dielectrics 电气绝缘和电介质期刊 ISSN 2523-5931

    AJ050 Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics 机器人和仿生学学报 ISSN 2523-594X

    AJ051 Optical Network Design and Modeling 光网络设计和建模期刊 ISSN 2523-5958

    AJ052 Complex Analysis and Geometry 复分析和几何期刊 ISSN 2523-5966

    AJ053 Multibody Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control 多体系统、非线性动力学和控制期刊 ISSN 2523-5974

    AJ054 Smart Structures, Materials and Systems 智能结构、材料和系统期刊 ISSN 2523-5982

    AJ055 Journal of Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks 无线传感器和传感器网络学报 ISSN 2523-5990

    AJ056 Big Geospatial Data and Data Science 大地理空间数据和数据科学期刊 ISSN 2523-9007

    AJ057 Composites and Nano Engineering 复合材料和纳米工程期刊 ISSN 2523-9015

    AJ058 Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing 大数据分析和云计算期刊 ISSN 2523-9023

    AJ059 Journal of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility 电磁干扰和兼容学报 ISSN 2523-9031

    AJ060 Smart Systems and Green Energy 智能系统和绿色能源期刊 ISSN 2523-904X

    AJ061 Journal of Image, Video and Signals 图像、视频和信号学报 ISSN 2523-9058

    AJ062 Journal of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence 虚拟现实和人工智能学报 ISSN 2523-9066

    AJ063 Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine 医学影像和核医学期刊 ISSN 2523-9074

    AJ064 Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition 自然语言处理和语音识别期刊 ISSN 2523-9082

    AJ065 Transactions on Real-Time and Embedded Systems 实时和嵌入式系统期刊 ISSN 2523-9090

    AJ066 Cybernetics and Mechatronics 控制论和机电一体化期刊 ISSN 2523-9104

    AJ067 Prognostics, Diagnostics and Health Management 预测,诊断和健康管理期刊 ISSN 2523-9112

    AJ068 Journal of System Reliability, Maintainability and Safety 系统可靠性和安全性学报 ISSN 2523-9120

    AJ069 Journal of Integrated Circuits Design and Test 集成电路设计和验证学报 ISSN 2523-9139

    AJ070 Transactions on Computational and Applied Mathematics 计算和应用数学期刊 ISSN 2616-1826

    AJ071 Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 概率论和数理统计学报 ISSN 2616-2393

    AJ072 Transactions on Particle and Nuclear Physics 粒子和原子核物理期刊 ISSN 2616-2407

    AJ073 Progress in Atomic and Molecular Physics 原子和分子物理期刊 ISSN 2616-2415

    AJ074 Progress in Plasma Physics 等离子体物理期刊 ISSN 2616-1931

    AJ075 Transactions on Condensed Matter Physics 凝聚态物理杂志 ISSN 2616-1834

    AJ076 Acoustics, Optics and Radio Physics 声学、光学和无线电物理期刊 ISSN 2616-194X

    AJ077 Inorganic Chemistry: A Journal 无机化学学报 ISSN 2616-2423

    AJ078 Analytical Chemistry: A Journal 分析化学学报 ISSN 2616-1958

    AJ079 Organic Chemistry: A Journal 有机化学学报 ISSN 2616-1842

    AJ080 Modern Physical Chemistry Research 物理化学研究期刊 ISSN 2616-1702

    AJ081 Chemistry and Physics of Polymers 高分子化学和物理期刊 ISSN 2616-1656

    AJ082 Astrophysics International 天体物理学报 ISSN 2616-1672

    AJ083 Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics 天体测量和天体力学期刊 ISSN 2616-2601

    AJ084 Physical and Human Geography 自然和人文地理学期刊 ISSN 2616-261X

    AJ085 Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems 地图学和地理信息系统学报 ISSN 2616-2563

    AJ086 Trends in Meteorology 气象学期刊 ISSN 2616-1966

    AJ087 Journal of Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment 大气物理学和大气环境学报 ISSN 2616-2849

    AJ088 Advances in Physical Oceanography 物理海洋学期刊 ISSN 2616-3802

    AJ089 Biology, Chemistry, and Geology in Marine 海洋生物学、化学和地质期刊 ISSN 2616-1974

    AJ090 Solid Earth and Space Physics 固体地球和空间物理学期刊 ISSN 2616-1664

    AJ091 Botany and Zoology Frontiers 植物和动物学期刊 ISSN 2616-1680

    AJ092 Journal of Neurobiology and Genetics 神经生物学和遗传学报 ISSN 2616-1850

    AJ093 Transactions on Cell and Developmental Biology 细胞和发育生物学期刊 ISSN 2616-2571

    AJ094 Academic Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 生物化学和分子生物学学报 ISSN 2616-3799

    AJ095 Journal of Systems Analysis and Integration 系统分析和集成学报 ISSN 2616-2865

    AJ096 Engineering and Solid Mechanics 工程和固体力学期刊 ISSN 2616-1982

    AJ097 Journal of Precision Instrument and Machinery 精密仪器和机械学报 ISSN 2616-1990

    AJ098 Progress in Materials Chemistry and Physics 材料化学和物理期刊 ISSN 2616-3780

    AJ099 Journal of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing 冶金和矿产加工学报 ISSN 2616-2008

    AJ100 Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 土力学和岩土工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2326

    AJ101 Journal of Municipal Engineering 市政工程学报 ISSN 2616-2016

    AJ102 Journal of Disaster Prevention and Reduction 防灾减灾学报 ISSN 2616-2024

    AJ103 Advances in Hydraulic Engineering 水利工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2431

    AJ104 Trends in Biochemical Engineering 生物化工期刊 ISSN 2616-1710

    AJ105 Transactions on Industrial Catalysis 工业催化期刊 ISSN 2616-1729

    AJ106 International Journal of Geological Resources and Geological Engineering 地质资源和地质工程学报 ISSN 2616-2628

    AJ107 Journal of Mining Engineering and Safety Technology 采矿工程和安全技术学报 ISSN 2616-2040

    AJ108 International Journal of Oil and Gas Science and Engineering 石油和天然气科学和工程学报 ISSN 2616-1869

    AJ109 Textiles and Clothing Design 纺织和服装设计期刊 ISSN 2616-1877

    AJ110 Light Industry Technology and Engineering 轻工技术和工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2059

    AJ111 Frontiers in Traffic and Transportation Engineering 交通运输工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2334

    AJ112 Advances in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 船舶和和海洋工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2067

    AJ113 Transactions on Aeronautics and Astronautics 航空宇航科学和技术期刊 ISSN 2616-1737

    AJ114 Military and Armament Science 兵器科学和技术期刊 ISSN 2616-3772

    AJ115 Nuclear Techniques and Applications 核科学和技术期刊 ISSN 2616-2342

    AJ116 Agricultural Mechanization, Electrification and Automation 农业机械化、电气化和自动化期刊 ISSN 2616-1885

    AJ117 Water-Soil, Biological Environment and Energy 水土、生物环境和能源期刊 ISSN 2616-3764

    AJ118 Transactions on Forestry 林业工程期刊 ISSN 2616-1893

    AJ119 Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal 环境、资源和生态学报 ISSN 2616-3756

    AJ120 Journal of Sustainable Development and Green Buildings 可持续发张和绿色建筑学报 ISSN 2616-2857

    AJ121 Advances in Food Science and Human Nutrition 食品科学和人类营养期刊 ISSN 2616-258X

    AJ122 Food Chemistry, Processing, and Storage 食品化学、加工和储藏期刊 ISSN 2616-3748

    AJ123 Journal of Modern Crop Science 现代作物科学学报 ISSN 2616-2075

    AJ124 Plant Nutrition & Soil Science International 植物营养和土壤科学学报 ISSN 2616-1745

    AJ125 Focus on Plant Protection 植物保护学期刊 ISSN 2616-2350

    AJ126 Journal of Animal Science and Veterinary 畜牧学和兽医学学报 ISSN 2616-2083

    AJ127 Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources 水产养殖和渔业资源期刊 ISSN 2616-2598

    AJ128 MEDS Basic Medicine 基础医学期刊 ISSN 2616-2091

    AJ129 MEDS Clinical Medicine 临床医学期刊 ISSN 2616-1907

    AJ130 MEDS Stomatology 口腔医学期刊 ISSN 2616-373X

    AJ131 MEDS Public Health and Preventive Medicine 公共卫生和预防医学期刊 ISSN 2616-1915

    AJ132 MEDS Chinese Medicine 中医学期刊 ISSN 2616-1753

    AJ133 Offshore and Polar Engineering 海洋和极地工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2873

    AJ134 Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics 船舶和海洋水动力学期刊 ISSN 2616-2881

    AJ135 Journal of Coastal Engineering Research 海岸工程研究学报 ISSN 2616-289X

    AJ136 Information Fusion, Control and Decision 信息融合、控制和决策期刊 ISSN 2616-2903

    AJ137 Rheology Letters 流变期刊 ISSN 2616-2911

    AJ138 Fuels and Combustion 燃料和燃烧期刊 ISSN 2616-292X

    AJ139 Journal of Language Testing & Assessment 语言测试和评估学报 ISSN 2616-2938

    AJ140 Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology 康复工程和辅助技术期刊 ISSN 2616-2946

    AJ141 Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 骨科和运动医学期刊 ISSN 2616-2954

    AJ142 Journal of Enzyme Engineering 酶工程学报 ISSN 2616-2962

    AJ143 Journal of Photonics Research 光子学研究学报 ISSN 2616-2970

    AJ144 Forging and Forming 锻造和成形期刊 ISSN 2616-2989

    AJ145 Plasticity Frontiers 塑性技术期刊 ISSN 2616-2997

    AJ146 Journal of Membrane Technology 膜技术学报 ISSN 2616-3004

    AJ147 Toxicology and Health of Environment 环境毒理学和环境健康期刊 ISSN 2616-3020

    AJ148 Hematology and Stem Cell 血液学和干细胞期刊 ISSN 2616-3039

    AJ149 Casting, Welding and Solidification 铸造、焊接和凝固期刊 ISSN 2616-3047

    AJ150 Composite Materials Research 复合材料研究期刊 ISSN 2616-3055

    AJ151 Ceramic and Glass Technology 陶瓷和玻璃技术期刊 ISSN 2616-3063

    AJ152 Journal of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 热处理和表面工程学报 ISSN 2616-3071

    AJ153 Fracture and Damage Mechanics 断裂和损伤力学期刊 ISSN 2616-308X

    AJ154 Corrosion and Wear of Materials 材料的腐蚀和磨损期刊 ISSN 2616-3098

    AJ155 Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer 流体、传热和传质期刊 ISSN 2616-3101

    AJ156 Energy Conversion Research 能源转换期刊 ISSN 2616-311X

    AJ157 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 组合数学和图论期刊 ISSN 2616-3128

    AJ158 Accounting, Auditing and Finance 会计、审计和财务期刊 ISSN 2616-3136

    AJ159 Metallic foams 金属泡沫期刊 ISSN 2515-1282

    AJ160 Operational Research and Cybernetics 运筹和控制论期刊 ISSN 2516-094X

    AJ161 Detection Technology and Automation Equipment 检测技术和自动化装置期刊 ISSN 2516-0931

    AJ162 Journal of Materials, Processing and Design 材料、加工和设计学报 ISSN 2516-0923

    AJ163 Journal of Networking, Architecture and Storage 网络、结构和存储学报 ISSN 2516-0915

    AJ164 Journal of Software Engineering and Metrics 软件工程和度量学报 ISSN 2516-0907

    AJ165 Visualization Techniques 可视化技术期刊 ISSN 2516-2934

    AJ166 Frontiers in Power and Energy Systems 电力和能源系统期刊 ISSN 2516-2926

    AJ167 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Processing 并行和分布处理学报 ISSN 2516-2918

    AJ168 Journal of Radio and Wireless 广播和无线电学报 ISSN 2516-2993

    AJ169 Journal of Modeling, Analysis and Simulation 建模、分析和仿真学报 ISSN 2516-3035

    AJ170 Journal of Privacy, Trust and Security 隐私、信任和安全学报 ISSN 2516-3027

    AJ171 Journal of Microwave and Terahertz Engineering 微波和赫兹工程学报 ISSN 2516-2977

    AJ172 Journal of Connected Vehicles 连接车辆学报 ISSN 2516-2942

    AJ173 Journal of Assembly and Manufacturing 装配和制造学报 ISSN 2516-3019

    AJ174 Journal of Communication, Control and Computing 通信、控制和计算学报 ISSN 2516-2950

    AJ175 International Journal of Surveying and Mapping 国际测绘学报 ISSN 2516-3000

    AJ176 Computational Fluid Dynamics 计算流体动力学期刊 ISSN 2516-2985

    AJ177 Mechanical Vibration and Noise 机械振动和噪音期刊 ISSN 2516-2969

    AJ178 Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing 认知信息学和认知计算学报 ISSN 2516-4996

    AJ179 Lecture Notes on Wireless Networks and Communications 无线网络和通信期刊 ISSN 2516-4988

    AJ180 International Journal of Computer and Communications Security 计算机和通信安全学报 ISSN 2516-4724

    AJ181 Journal of Multimedia Techniques 多媒体技术学报 ISSN 2516-4716

    AJ182 Advances in Broadcasting 广播期刊 ISSN 2516-4708

    AJ183 Automation and Machine Learning 自动化和机器学习期刊 ISSN 2516-5003

    AJ184 Information Retrieval, Systems and Services 信息提取、系统和服务期刊 ISSN 2516-4694

    AJ185 Journal of Biometrics, Identity and Security 生物识别、身份和安全学报 ISSN 2516-4686

    AJ186 Journal of Avionics, Radar and Sonar 航空电子设备、雷达和声纳学报 ISSN 2516-4678

    AJ187 Computational Linguistics Letters 计算语言学期刊 ISSN 2516-466X

    AJ188 Journal of Computer Architecture and Design 计算机架构和设计学报 ISSN 2516-4651

    AJ189 Journal of Ubiquitous and Future Networks 普适和未来网络学报 ISSN 2516-4643

    AJ190 Optical Fiber Sensor and Communication 光纤传感器和通信期刊 ISSN 2516-3671

    AJ191 Review of Information Display Techniques 信息显示技术期刊 ISSN 2516-3698

    AJ192 Journal of Low Power Electronics and Design 低功耗电子和设计学报 ISSN 2516-3701

    AJ193 Infrared and Millimeter Wave 红外和毫米波期刊 ISSN 2516-371X

    AJ194 Data and Knowledge Engineering 数据和知识工程期刊 ISSN 2516-4007

    AJ195 Journal of Database Systems 数据库系统学报 ISSN 2516-3728

    AJ196 Journal of Cluster and Grid Computing 集群和网格计算学报 ISSN 2516-3981

    AJ197 Cloud and Service-Oriented Computing 云计算和面向服务的计算期刊 ISSN 2516-399X

    AJ198 Journal of Control, Measurement & Instrumentation 控制、测量和仪表学报 ISSN 2521-3989

    AJ199 Journal of Intelligent Informatics and Biomedical Engineering 智能信息和生物医学工程学报 ISSN 2521-7399

    AJ200 Journal of Ultrasonics 超声学学报 ISSN 2521-5965

    AJ201 Advances in Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 工业药学和药物科学期刊 ISSN 2521-8891

    AJ202 Journal of High-Voltage 高压学报 ISSN 2523-2282

    AJ203 Antennas and Propagation 天线和传播期刊 ISSN 2523-2304

    AJ204 Optical Communications 光通信期刊 ISSN 2523-2312

    AJ205 Solid-State Circuits and Systems-on-a-Chip 固态电路和片上系统期刊 ISSN 2523-2320

    AJ206 Programming Languages and Operating Systems 编程语言和操作系统期刊 ISSN 2523-2339

    AJ207 Field-Programmable Gate Arrays 现场可编程门阵列期刊 ISSN 2523-2347

    AJ208 Journal of Computational and Financial Econometrics 计算和计量经济学学报 ISSN 2523-2568

    AJ209 Financial Engineering and Risk Management 金融工程和风险管理期刊 ISSN 2523-2576

    AJ210 Geoscience and Remote Sensing 地球科学和遥感期刊 ISSN 2523-2592

    AJ211 Media and Communication Research 媒介和传播研究期刊 ISSN 2523-2584

    AJ212 Guidance, Navigation and Control 制导、导航和控制期刊 ISSN 2523-2606

    AJ213 Accounting and Corporate Management 会计学和企业管理学期刊 ISSN 2523-5788

    AJ214 Tourism Management and Technology Economy 旅游管理学和技术经济期刊 ISSN 2616-2199

    AJ215 Agricultural & Forestry Economics and Management 农林经济和管理期刊 ISSN 2616-2202

    AJ216 Social Security and Administration Management 社会保障和行政管理期刊 ISSN 2523-5796

    AJ217 Social Medicine and Health Management 社会医学和卫生事业管理期刊 ISSN 2616-2210

    AJ218 Land Resource Management 土地资源管理期刊 ISSN 2616-2229

    AJ219 Information, Library and Archival Science 情报、图书馆和档案学期刊 ISSN 2616-2237

    AJ220 Population, Resources & Environmental Economics 人口、资源和环境经济学期刊 ISSN 2616-2253

    AJ221 Statistics & Quantitative Economics 统计学和数量经济学期刊 ISSN 2523-580X

    AJ222 Curriculum and Teaching Methodology 课程和教学论期刊 ISSN 2616-2261

    AJ223 Transactions on Comparative Education 比较教育期刊 ISSN 2523-5818

    AJ224 Adult and Higher Education 成人和高等教育期刊 ISSN 2523-5826

    AJ225 Advances in Vocational and Technical Education 先进职业技术教育期刊 ISSN 2523-5834

    AJ226 Applied & Educational Psychology 应用和教育心理学期刊 ISSN 2523-5842

    AJ227 Journal of Human Movement Science 运动人体科学学报 ISSN 2523-5850

    AJ228 Lecture Notes on Language and Literature 语言和文学期刊 ISSN 2523-5869

    AJ229 Art and Performance Letters 艺术和表演期刊 ISSN 2523-5877

    AJ230 International Journal of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics 动力工程和工程热物理学报 ISSN 2523-5885

    AJ231 Lecture Notes on History 历史期刊 ISSN 2616-227X

    AJ232 International Journal of Geochemistry 地球化学学报 ISSN 2616-2369

    AJ233 Geodesy and Geophysics 大地测量和地球物理期刊 ISSN 2616-2377

    AJ234 Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 制造和服务运作管理期刊 ISSN 2616-3349

    AJ235 Indoor Air Quality and Climate 室内空气品质和气候期刊 ISSN 2616-3268

    AJ236 Frontiers in Tribology 摩擦学前沿期刊 ISSN 2616-3276

    AJ237 Bacteriology and Microbiology 细菌学和微生物学期刊 ISSN 2616-244X

    AJ238 Transactions on Metals and Alloys 金属和合金期刊 ISSN 2616-2466

    AJ239 Advances in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 磁性和磁性材料期刊 ISSN 2616-3284

    AJ240 Journal of Compressors and Refrigeration 压缩机和制冷学报 ISSN 2616-2474

    AJ241 Philosophy Journal 哲学学报 ISSN 2616-2288

    AJ242 Science of Law Journal 法学学报 ISSN 2616-2296

    AJ243 Journal of Political Science Research 政治学研究学报 ISSN 2616-230X

    AJ244 Journal of Sociology and Ethnology 社会学和民族学学报 ISSN 2616-2318

    AJ245 Journal of Theoretical Physics Frontiers 理论物理前沿学报 ISSN 2616-2482

    AJ246 Journal of Structural and Quaternary Geology 结构和第四纪地质学报 ISSN 2616-3292

    AJ247 Advances in Physiology and Pathophysiology 生理学和病理生理学期刊 ISSN 2616-2547

    AJ248 Journal of Biophysics and Ecology 生物物理学和生态学学报 ISSN 2616-3306

    AJ249 Fluid and Power Machinery 流体机械和动力机械期刊 ISSN 2616-2520

    AJ250 Chemical Process Equipment 化工过程机械期刊 ISSN 2616-2539

    AJ251 Thermal Power Engineering 热能工程期刊 ISSN 2616-2555

    AJ252 Vacuum Science Journal 真空科学学报 ISSN 2616-2512

    AJ253 Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning 知识表示和自动推理期刊 ISSN 2616-3314

    AJ254 Computer Aided Architecture Design 计算机辅助建筑设计期刊 ISSN 2616-3365

    AJ255 Journal of Vision and Ophthalmology 视力和眼科学期学报 ISSN 2616-3373

    AJ256 Frontiers of Obstetrics and Gynecology 妇产科学期刊 ISSN 2616-3454

    AJ257 Digestive Disease and Diabetes 消化疾病和糖尿病期刊 ISSN 2616-3543

    AJ258 Advances in Immunology and Vaccines 免疫学和疫苗期刊 ISSN 2616-356X

    AJ259 Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery 纳米医学和药物释放期刊 ISSN 2616-3519

    AJ260 Cardiology and Vascular System 心脏病学和血管系统期刊 ISSN 2616-3578

    AJ261 Pediatrics and Child Health 儿科和儿童健康期刊 ISSN 2616-3608

    AJ262 Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Contraception 生殖医学和避孕学报 ISSN 2616-3616

    AJ263 Journal of Respiratory and Lung Disease 呼吸和肺疾病学报 ISSN 2616-3624

    AJ264 Journal of Biomaterials and Biomechanics 生物材料和生物力学学报 ISSN 2616-3489

    AJ265 Journal of Bioinformatics and Biomedicine 生物信息学和生物医学学报 ISSN 2616-3381

    AJ266 Journal of Human Resource Development 人力资源开发学报 ISSN 2616-3357

    AJ267 Advances in Fuel Cell 燃料电池期刊 ISSN 2616-3640

    AJ268 Vehicular Electronics and Safety 车载电子和安全期刊 ISSN 2616-3675

    AJ269 Journal of Sedimentary Geology 沉积地质学报 ISSN 2616-3527

    AJ270 Journal of Nonlinear Science and Complexity 非线性科学和复杂性学报 ISSN 2616-3497

    AJ271 Diamond and Carbon Materials 金刚石和碳材料期刊 ISSN 2616-3683

    AJ272 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 供暖、通风和空调期刊 ISSN 2616-3691

    FJ001 Frontiers in Educational Research 教育研究期刊 ISSN 2522-6398

    FJ002 Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences 农业和生命科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5910

    FJ003 Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences 医学和健康科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5791

    FJ004 Academic Journal of Computing & Information Science 计算和信息科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5775

    FJ005 Academic Journal of Mathematical Sciences 数学科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5805

    FJ006 Academic Journal of Physics & Energy 物理和能源期刊 ISSN 2616-5813

    FJ007 Academic Journal of Materials & Chemistry 材料和化学期刊 ISSN 2616-5880

    FJ008 Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science 黄静和地球科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5872

    FJ009 Academic Journal of Business & Management 商业和管理期刊 ISSN 2616-5902

    FJ010 Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences 人文和社会科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5783

    FJ011 Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science 工程和技术科学期刊 ISSN 2616-5767

    国际会议期刊系列征文(Ei Compendex/ISI Proceedings科学技术会议录索引)



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