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HR TRAINING 2019 - Communication - How to Speak so others Learn, Grow and Feel like they Belong

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Category online training courses for hr professionals,online training programs for hr professionals, HR Training and Development

Deadline: November 14, 2019 | Date: November 14, 2019

Venue/Country: Online Event, U.S.A

Updated: 2019-09-17 19:29:35 (GMT+9)

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The TrainHR Course is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider.


Imagine sharing a story that sells a new way of thinking or a new idea and at the end of your story the audience whether 1 or 1000, gets excited, asks questions, takes action and when the meeting or conversation is finished, you have a line-up of team, colleagues, friends or family who come to you and say "tell me more, wow that was great, or sign me up, or better yet I'm in!" How would that feel? Imagine if that listener says "wow, I learned so much, I can't wait to take action on this, and thanks for including me in on your idea."

Picture yourself in a difficult conversation with a family member, a friend, an employee or with your manager; and you think to yourself, "should I say something", or "If I say something is this going to blow up", or "I just wish I knew what to say." These thoughts are very common, and we know from hundreds of years of research, people can either listen and then remain quiet, never having confidence to use their voice. Or two, they don't listen and jump in with their own thoughts on the conversation. Both of these types of responses have challenges. Now, picture yourself listening, quickly formulating your thoughts and sharing your idea or thought with confidence, clarity and creativity leaving your listener, wanting to ask more, learn more and feel supported by your feelings and words.

Now, think of a time where you knew you had something to share, and never shared it. Wouldn't it be great to know that by sharing your story, your idea or thought; you might have helped someone, or changed the course of a crisis, or challenge your story matters, your feelings matter, and your words matter too!

In this webinar you will pick up the very process to confident, clear and creative communication that you can use to speak to your children about important topics, use with your team as you lead them into the next challenge or task or use in business to share a new idea, product or service.

You will pick up the tools that can help lead a team, speak out at a staff meeting and share your ideas at work. Communication skills are like walking, if you practice them a little every day, you will get stronger and walk with stride every time you find your voice.

Through storytelling, proven models of communication and a deep dive into key areas of communication; you will learn, grow and have some fun building your communication style.

Communication is vital to humanity, kindness, business, building relationships, understanding others and living a purposeful, and positive life. Learn how to help others learn, grow and feel as if they belong through confident, clear and creative communication.

Why should you Attend:

You may have experienced the crisis, chaos, and crashes of poor communication. When you do not feel confident, share clear, confident messages or listen effectively your listeners are bound to leave with mixed messages, confusion, cluttered minds, and ultimately areas of crisis, chaos and crashes stop this with confident, clear and creative communication.

If you are an organization that relies on team/staff meetings, strong and successful team dynamics, and building positive relationships both with colleagues and levels of management then putting focus on communication is vital to success.

This webinar will dive into communication one to one, one to many and modes of communication such as voice, text, email and non-verbal. If you have had increase in conflict, tension between employees and management, and/or a lack of motivation within the organization then this session is for you.

You will pick up the 5 keys to communication, through this deep dive into how to communicate with confidence, clarity and creativity. Speak to friends, and family, and in all aspects of work through these 5 keys. Open up and discover the most amazing opportunities in life with confidence, clarity and creativity.

Why should you attend, because you know the value of communication and how what you say, and how you say it can sell an idea, a thought, a service or program…you know the importance of communication and how it will either create chaos or lead you to amazing connections.

In a world where people are asked to do more, be more, and learn more; compelling, impressive communication will stop people in their tracks to listen and learn more from your words.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Why is the power of your voice important?

How to build confidence to use your voice

How to use your voice in challenging or difficult situations

How to express your thoughts, feelings or new idea in many different situations

How to build the Spoken Advantage system to speaking success in all your business and social communication

Who Will Benefit:



Non-profit Organizations

Business or Sales People

Customer Service Representatives


Sarah Hilton has studied human behaviour and communication styles through her 20 years of working with thousands in the area of mental health. Sarah has the inside secret to communication and creating messages that are memorable whether you are speaking to one or one thousand. Sarah has spent the last 10 years coaching and presenting presentation techniques that lead audiences to change, grow and discover a world they may not understand. Through a caring and supportive environment, you too can speak out with a message that is memorable.

Your Speaker What does it take to be a powerful and persuasive presenter? Would you like to stand out from other speakers? As a known speaker on Communication, Sarah has combined her training and experience to create a speaking system that she uses to train, facilitate and inspire audiences of up and coming speakers, professionals and businesses working on their key messaging. Through an entertaining and engaging keynote, your audience will get up and take action; feel prepared to use The World Class speaking methods and Sarah’s speaking system which have outstanding results.

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Contact Details:

NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR

Phone: +1-800-385-1627


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