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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.QbD Approach to Analytical Method Lifecycle: Design, Development, Validation and Transfer2019-03-282019-03-28U.S.A
2.Guideline to Aseptic Technique and Clean Room Behavior2019-03-282019-03-28U.S.A
3.3-hr Virtual Seminar - Latin America: Understanding Regulatory Compliance Requirements Across the Life Science Industry2019-03-282019-03-28U.S.A
4.ICH Q7 FDA Guidance – Its Structure, History, Application and Writer's Intent2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
5.CMS Two Midnight Rule2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
6.Effective Records Management and Document Control for Medical Devices2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
7.Managed Care Contracts and the Case Management Leader: Leading Your Department to Improved Reimbursement2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
8.Managing Workforce Conflict2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
9.Risk Based Monitoring for GCP Compliance2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
10.The Globalization and Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (GLoCALL) Conference 20192019-03-152019-08-08Vietnam
11.Consumer Protection in Banking: Understanding the Rules2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
12.Writing Effective and compliant SOPs2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
13.Travel and Entertainment Policy Best Practices to Ensure IRS Compliance2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
14.Accounts Payable Fraud - Detecting and Preventing AP Fraud2019-03-272019-03-27U.S.A
15.Building a Better Quality Manual2019-03-262019-03-26U.S.A
16.505(b)(2) NDAs2019-03-262019-03-26U.S.A
17.Cybersecurity for Board of Director Members and Executive Management2019-03-262019-03-26U.S.A
18.The Identification and Quantitation of low-level compounds for Impurity and Degradation Analyses2019-03-262019-03-26U.S.A
19.Process Challenge Device Development for EO Sterilization2019-03-262019-03-26U.S.A
20.Scopu-Indexed Springer 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Data Communication Technologies and Internet of Things 20192019-07-102019-09-12India
21.Annual Summit on Pathology2019-03-312019-04-17Japan
22.3rd International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering2019-04-222019-10-07Germany
24.2019 International Workshop on Design Automation (IWoDA 2019)2019-08-302019-10-15South Korea
25.International Conference on Communication, Computing and Electronics Systems 20192019-08-302019-11-15India
26.2019 3rd International Conference on Design Engineering and Product Innovation (ICDEPI 2019)2019-05-102019-07-05China
27.2019 3rd International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Design, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ATDMAE 2019)2019-05-102019-07-05China
28.2019 International Symposium on Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering (SAMDE 2019)2019-08-302019-10-15South Korea
29.2019 International Workshop on Design Automation (IWoDA 2019)2019-08-302019-10-15South Korea
30.2019 International Symposium on Electronics, Communications and Control Engineering (SECCE 2019)2019-08-302019-10-15South Korea
31.Business Management 20192019-08-142019-08-14U.K.
32.2019 3rd International Symposium on Aviation and Aerospace System Engineering (SAASE 2019)2019-04-252019-05-24China
33.Scopus-2019 3rd International Conference on Aeronautical Materials and Aerospace Engineering (AMAE 2019)2019-04-252019-05-24China
34.Gender Studies Summer School2019-03-312019-07-08U.K.
35.English Language Summer School2019-03-312019-07-10U.K.
36.Memory Studies Summer School “Memory, Shapes of Time and the Writing of History”2019-05-312019-08-13U.K.
37.Academic Writing Workshop2019-04-202019-07-13U.K.
39.“Pilgrimages and Tourism” International Conference2019-03-202019-06-15U.K.
40.“Nonviolence and Intercultural Dialogue” International Conference2019-03-202019-06-08U.K.
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