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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Utilizing HR Metrics to Illustrate & Improve Human Resource's Contribution2019-02-052019-02-06U.S.A
2.2019 World Symposium on Smart Materials and Applications (WSSMA 2019)2019-04-172019-07-05China
3.Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor2019-02-052019-02-06U.S.A
4.Inspiring Leadership through Conflict, Courage, & Creativity: The Art of Passion Power2019-02-052019-02-06U.S.A
5.Lean Document Control for Manufacturing in Life Sciences2019-02-052019-02-06U.S.A
6.Quality is not an Organization2019-02-052019-02-06U.S.A
7.【Ei indexing】The 6th Int'l Conference on Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP 2019)2019-07-202019-08-20China
8.Microsoft Outlook Tips, Tricks, and Productivity Tools2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
9.Operational Risk for Financial Institutions - Beyond Regulatory Constraints2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
10.What Employers Need to Know About Severance Arrangements - EEOC, ACA and ERISA2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
11.2019 Update on Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
12.Medical Device Software Per IEC 623042019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
13.FDA's Problem with Software Monsters2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
14.Fishbone Diagramming2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
15.Dietary Supplements CGMPS - 21 CFR 111 Compliance2019-02-042019-02-05U.S.A
16.Medical Devices - Complying With 820.250 Statistical Methods2019-02-282019-03-01U.S.A
17.BREXIT - What's Changing for Life Science Product License Holders-Manufacturers and What you Need to do Right Now2019-02-032019-02-04U.S.A
18.The 7th Int'l Conference on Advanced Composite Materials (ACM 2019)2019-07-202019-08-20China
19.2nd International Conference on Addiction & Psychiatry2019-05-112019-06-10Finland
20.Performing your Annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment2019-01-312019-02-01U.S.A
21.Live Webinar on HR Files Know-How : Keeping Your Employment Records (and You) Organized2019-02-272019-02-27U.S.A
22.2nd World Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference2019-05-312019-06-13Finland
23.2nd International Conference Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, Design Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing and Engineering Related Fields2019-11-152019-12-07Turkey
24.2nd International Conference on Applied Sciences , Information Technology and Engineering Application2019-09-152019-11-02Turkey
25.2nd International Conference on Computer, Design, Energy, Engineering Applications2019-09-152019-10-05Turkey
26.2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy, Engineering and IT Application2019-08-152019-09-07Turkey
27.2nd International Conference on Engineering Material and Design Engineering Applications, IT,Basic and Applied Sciences2019-12-102019-12-23Thailand
28.2nd International Conference on recent Trends in Engineering , Network, Communication, and Applied Sciences2019-11-102019-11-21Thailand
29.2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Applied Sciences2019-10-102019-10-21Thailand
30.2nd International Conference on Engineering Polymers and Plastic, Building Design and Computer Sciences2019-09-102019-09-23Thailand
31.7th Epidemiology and Public Health Conference2019-03-172019-06-17United Arab Emirates
32.International Conference on Trends in Material Science and Inventive Materials2019-01-282019-03-28India
33.In-Depth Testing of Computer Systems Regulated by FDA2019-02-062019-02-06U.S.A
34.2019 10th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science2019-05-312019-10-18China
35.5th World Congress on Ophthalmology and Eye Disorders2019-06-012019-06-10U.K.
36.International Conference on Diabetes, Hypertension and Metabolic syndrome2019-03-072019-03-07U.K.
37.TMB & Neoantigen Congress2019-10-042019-10-10U.K.
38.16th International Congress on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care2019-02-152019-04-01Germany
39.International Conference on Social Science Strategic Management, Business Entrepreneurship and Economics Research2019-12-202019-12-27Maldives
40.International Conference on New Developments in Economics Social Science and Management Science2019-11-202019-11-27Maldives
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