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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
2.AUSSRE 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research Practice in Economics, Business and Social Sciences (IEBS-AUG-2019)2019-08-012019-08-10Australia
3.医学工程,健康,环保,医药,生物 SCI会议摘要2022-01-192022-01-20China
4.文献下载 查新查引 (SCI)(Ei)(CPCI)检索收录的情况2022-01-192022-01-20China
5.Boya Century Publishing 外文期刊2022-01-192022-01-20China
6.科研评估分析报告 SCI/EI检索证明2022-01-192022-01-20China
7.AETA International Conference on Modern Trends in Industrial Engineering, Applied Sciences, Business Technology, Multimedia & Image Processing (IABP)2018-11-152019-12-14France
8.AETA International Conference on Recent Advances in Biotechnology, System Modeling, Applied Sciences, Technology & Engineering (RBTE)2018-11-152019-12-26Italy
9.AETA International Conference on Computer Software and Applications, Engineering, Applied Science Research & Data Management (CSAD)2018-10-152019-11-09France
10.AETA International Conference on Machine Learning, Applied Sciences, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Engineering (MAIE)2018-10-152019-11-25Italy
11.(Francis Academic Press) Francis Academic Press2022-01-192022-01-20China
12.EI CPCI会议论文征稿 长期征稿 外文期刊长期征稿2022-01-192022-01-20China
13.EI CPCI会议论文征稿 长期征稿 外文期刊长期征稿2022-01-192022-01-20China
15.Clausius Scientific Press (CSP) 外文期刊2020-01-192020-01-20China
16.Francis Academic Press 国际英文普刊2020-01-192020-01-20China
17.会议论文集论文电子版及纸质版全文( 封面、封底和目录页的)2020-01-192020-01-20China
19.SCI EI ISTP学术论文计分 会议信息分享2020-01-192020-01-20China
20.AETA International Conference on Advanced Research in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Robotics & Applied Sciences (AERA)2019-09-152019-10-12France
21.AETA International Conference on Engineering and Technology, Smart Materials, Applied Sciences, Telecommunications & Big Data (ESAB)2019-09-152019-10-25Italy
22.AETA International Conference on Research Paradigms in Engineering, Information Technology, Business Design, Applied Sciences & Solar Technology (ITAS)2019-08-152019-09-14France
23.AETA International Conference on Research Patterns in Design Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Communication & Internet of Things (RDEI)2019-08-152019-09-25Italy
24.AETA International Conference on Dynamics of Engineering Technology, Applied Sciences, Software Applications & Cloud Computing (DEAS)2019-07-152019-08-10France
25.AETA International Conference on Information Technology, Cyber Security, Engineering & Applied Sciences & Genetic Engineering (ITCG)2019-07-152019-08-27France
26.Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 20192018-12-282019-09-18Canada
27.23rd World Congress on Pediatrics, Neonatology & Primary Care2019-11-222019-11-22United Arab Emirates
28.4th International Conference & Expo on Euro Optometry and Vision Science2019-08-222019-08-22Austria
29.2nd International Conference on Biotechnology Environment Agriculture Engineering and Applied Sciences2019-08-032019-08-10Australia
30.International Conference on Economics, Banking & Finance E-Commerce, Social Science and Management Studies2019-08-202019-08-27Maldives
31.International Conference on Business, Management, Accounting, Innovations in Social Science2019-07-182019-07-26Maldives
32.2nd International Conference on Knowledge Management Business and Social Science Innovation Research2019-08-012019-08-07South Korea
33.3rd Edition of International Cancer Conference2019-07-302019-09-23U.K.
34.The 16th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing August 19-21, 2019 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada2019-03-282019-08-19Canada
35.3rd International Congress and Expo on Heart & Cardiology2019-07-262019-09-19U.S.A
36.3rd World Congress Clinical Research and Biomarkers-20192019-09-012019-09-16U.S.A
37.Psychiatry, Women’s Mental Health and Child Protection2019-06-282019-08-28United Arab Emirates
38.32nd European cardiology Conference2019-02-262019-10-24Switzerland
39.World forum on Allergy, Autoimmunity & AI Diseases2019-09-222019-10-28Japan
40.The STD AIDS Council2019-10-222019-12-04Singapore
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