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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.How To Establish an Effective Chief Compliance Officer's (CCO) or Chief Risk Officer's (CRO) Function - Organization and Responsibilities2019-08-292019-08-29U.S.A
2.What to Expect from FDA's Approach to Regulate Medical Software2019-08-292019-08-29U.S.A
3.Pharmaceutical Water System: Design, Testing and Data Management2019-08-292019-08-29U.S.A
4.University Admissions in the New Age of Indictments and Class Action Suits; A Survival Guide2019-08-292019-08-29U.S.A
5.BSA/AML Contextual Awareness of High Risk Customers2019-08-292019-08-29U.S.A
6.Understanding FDAs Governance of Prescription Drug Development: Manufacturing/cGMPs, Submission Process and Post Approval Commitments - Part 22019-09-252019-09-25U.S.A
7.The Proper Way to Correct I9 Documents and Not Pay Penalties2019-08-282019-08-28U.S.A
8.ISO 14971:2012 - Does your current Risk Analysis still comply with your CE Mark requirements?2019-08-282019-08-28U.S.A
9.Specification and OOS for Pharma, Biopharma and Combination Products2019-08-282019-08-28U.S.A
10.USDA New Proposed Rule on BioEngineered (GMO) Food Disclosure2019-08-272019-08-27U.S.A
11.13th International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics2019-10-222019-11-25Spain
12.Millennials and Generation Z: Retaining, Engaging and Inspiring Your Talent Pool for Enhanced Productivity2019-08-232019-08-23U.S.A
13.Managing Gen Y and Z: techniques to leverage their talents and skills2019-08-232019-08-23U.S.A
14.2019 International Conference on Green Energy Systems (ICGES 2019)--JA, Scopus2019-09-012019-10-09Thailand
15.2019 International Conference on Environment, Resources and Energy Engineering (EREE 2019)--JA, Scopus2019-09-012019-10-09Thailand
16.2020 International Conference on Management of e-Commerce and e-Government (ICMECG 2020)--Ei Compendex, Scopus2019-11-202020-03-28South Korea
17.9 Strategies to Protect Yourself from Toxic People and Energy Vampires2019-09-122019-09-12U.S.A
18.2020 International Conference on Internet Computing for Science and Engineering (ICICSE 2020)--Ei Compendex, Scopus2019-09-052020-01-14Maldives
19.IEEE--2019 2nd International Conference on Hot Information-Centric Networking (HotICN 2019)--Ei Compendex, Scopus2019-09-162019-12-13China
20.International Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC)2019-08-242019-09-30India
21.11th International Conference on Web services & Semantic Technology (WeST 2019)2019-08-242019-12-21Australia
22.2020 Information Technology & Applications Symposium (ITAS 2020)--EI Compendex, Scopus2019-11-202020-05-22China
23.World's Largest MBA Tour is Coming to Chicago - Register for FREE2019-09-302019-10-01U.S.A
24.8th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SPPR 2019)2019-08-252019-12-21United Arab Emirates
25.2020 Symposium on Pattern Recognition and Applications (SPRA 2020)--EI Compendex, Scopus2019-10-152020-04-02Italy
26.Webinar on Use Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data2019-08-232019-08-23U.S.A
27.International Journal of Bioinformatics & Biosciences (IJBB)2019-08-172019-09-24India
28.Webinar on Employee Handbook: Policies, Best Practices, and 2019 Issues2019-08-222019-08-22U.S.A
29.International Journal of Signal & Image Processing (IJSP)2019-08-172019-09-24India
30.International Journal of Database Management Systems (IJDBMS)2019-08-172019-09-24India
31.International Journal of Managing Information Technology (IJMIT)2019-08-172019-09-24India
32.10th International Conference on Internet Engineering & Web Services (InWeS 2019)2019-08-252019-12-21United Arab Emirates
33.International Journal of Data mining Management Systems (IJDMS)2019-08-172019-09-24India
34.2019 4th International Conference on Information Science, Computer Technology and Transportation (ISCTT 2019)2019-11-292019-12-01China
35.APAIE 2020 Conference and Exhibition2020-03-212020-03-22Canada
36.20th Annual Conference on Nephrology2020-01-312020-02-17France
37.World's Largest MBA Tour is Coming to Portland - Register for FREE2019-09-122019-09-12U.S.A
38.What's New in Onboarding2019-10-022019-10-02U.S.A
39.Using a Physical Demands Assessment to its Fullest Potential2019-10-032019-10-03U.S.A
40.Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations2019-10-072019-10-07U.S.A
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