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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.6th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research and Manufacturing Technologies (AMRMT 2021)2021-06-102021-08-12China
    2.5th International Symposium on Aviation and Aerospace System Engineering (SAASE 2021)2021-04-152021-05-14China
    3.5th International Conference on Aerospace Materials and Aerospace Engineering (AMAE 2021)2021-04-152021-05-14China
    4.2021 International Conference on Economic Development and Industrial Upgrading (EDIU 2021)2021-07-192021-07-23China
    5.2021 6th International Conference on Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation2021-05-092021-05-14China
    6.2021 International Conference on Control Science and Electric Power Systems (CSEPS 2021)2021-05-212021-05-28China
    7.International Conference on Food Studies "Culinary Evolutions"2021-06-152021-08-21U.K.
    8.International Conference:The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture2021-06-102021-08-14U.K.
    9.International Conference “Fifty Shades of Language”2021-06-102021-08-07U.K.
    10.“Narrating Lives”: International Conference on Storytelling, (Auto)Biography and (Auto)Ethnography2021-06-202021-08-28U.K.
    11.11th International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology (ACITY 2021)2021-04-242021-11-27United Arab Emirates
    12.After COVID-19, now what? How to Resume Business Operations and Be Prepared for the Future2021-05-042021-05-04U.S.A
    13.Latest and Greatest update on the COVID Vaccines2021-05-032021-05-03U.S.A
    14.Project Management for Non-Project Managers2021-05-032021-05-03U.S.A
    15.Excel Tools of the Trade: Every Day Excel Hacks You Need To Know2021-05-032021-05-03U.S.A
    16.Emotional Intelligence: The three Most Important EQ Skills needed in Business Today2021-05-032021-05-03U.S.A
    17.Stress & Anxiety in Times of Crises2021-05-052021-05-05U.S.A
    18.Retention Interviews: The Key to Retaining High Performers2021-05-032021-05-03U.S.A
    19.Using Statistics in Compensation2021-05-042021-05-04U.S.A
    20.Identifying Potential Deception by Job Candidates2021-05-042021-05-04U.S.A
    21.Overcoming Challenges of a Remote Workforce2021-05-052021-05-05U.S.A
    22.International Journal of Signal &Image Processing (IJSP)2021-04-142021-04-30India
    23.International Journal of Managing Information Technology (IJMIT)2021-04-142021-04-30India
    24.International Journal of Software Engineering &Applications (IJSEA)2021-04-142021-04-30India
    25.9th International Conference on Software Engineering & Trends (SE 2021)2021-04-032021-07-17Canada
    26.9th International Conference on Signal Image Processing and Multimedia (SIPM 2021)2021-04-032021-07-17Canada
    27.9th International Conference on Information Technology in Education (ICITE 2021)2021-04-102021-07-17Canada
    28.6th International Conference on Data Mining & Knowledge Management (DaKM 2021)2021-04-172021-05-29Canada
    29.9th International Conference of Advanced Computer Science & Information Technology (ACSIT 2021)2021-04-172021-07-10Canada
    30.(Online) INTOLERANCE, DISCRIMINATION AND VIOLENCE- International Interdisciplinary Conference2021-05-122021-05-27Poland
    31.7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AI 2021)2021-04-242021-12-18United Arab Emirates
    32.7th International Conference of Managing Value and Supply Chains (MaVaS 2021)2021-04-242021-12-18United Arab Emirates
    33.7th International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biosciences (BIOS 2021)2021-04-242021-12-18United Arab Emirates
    34.7th International Conference on Networks, Mobile Communications and Telematics2021-04-242021-12-18United Arab Emirates
    35.7th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIGI-2021)2021-04-242021-12-18United Arab Emirates
    36.2nd International Conference on Big Data & Health Informatics (BDHI 2021)2021-04-242021-08-21India
    37.5th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SOEA 2021)2021-04-242021-08-21India
    38.2nd International Conference on Data Mining and NLP (DNLP 2021)2021-04-242021-08-21India
    39.5th International Conference on Networks and Communications (NET 2021)2021-04-242021-08-21India
    40.2nd International Conference on Machine Learning, IOT and Blockchain (MLIOB 2021)2021-04-242021-08-21India
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