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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.2019 3rd International Conference on SmartRail, Traffic and Transportation Engineering(ICSTTE 2019)2019-08-282019-10-18South Korea
2.2019 3rd International Conference on New Energy Vehicle and Vehicle Engineering(NEVVE 2019)2019-08-282019-10-18South Korea
3.2019 3rd International Joint Conference on Civil and Mechanical Engineering (JCCME 20192019-08-282019-10-18South Korea
4.2019 3rd International Conference on Naval Architecture and Ocean&Marine Engineering (NAOME 2019)2019-08-282019-10-18South Korea
5.2nd ICSTR Rome – International Conference on Science & Technology Research, 30-31 August 20192019-08-282019-08-30Italy
6.2019 – XVIth International Conference on Business, Economics, Law, Language & Psychology (ICBELLP), August 29 – 30, Rome2019-08-272019-08-29Italy
7.ISBER International Conference on Dynamics of Management, Economic Research, Business Administration, Social Sciences & Humanities2019-08-272019-08-28Maldives
8.2nd Rome – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 28-29 August 20192019-08-262019-08-28Italy
9.Neurology conferences2019-08-262019-08-27Austria
10.16th ICTEL 2019 – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, 27-28 August, Rome2019-08-252019-08-27Italy
11.6th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM 20192019-08-242019-09-02Bulgaria
12.World Congress on Cardiology and Cardiovascular diseases2019-08-232019-09-23Spain
13.International Conference on Food Technology and Nutritional Science2019-08-232019-09-23Spain
14.International Conference on Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology2019-08-232019-09-23Spain
15.2nd International Conference on Social Issue in Management, Public Administration and Economics (SMPA)2019-08-222019-08-31Japan
16.Global Conference on Addiction and Behavioral Health2019-08-222019-08-24U.K.
17.2nd International Conference on Computer Communication, Engineering and Information Technology-CCEIT2019-08-222019-08-23Thailand
18.4th International Conference & Expo on Euro Optometry and Vision Science2019-08-222019-08-22Austria
19.2nd Global Summit on Physics2019-08-202019-09-26France
20.2nd World Congress on Gynecology & Obstetrics2019-08-202019-09-19U.S.A
21.International Conference on Ophthalmology & Optometry2019-08-202019-09-16United Arab Emirates
22.Healthcare and Hospital Management 20192019-08-202019-09-09United Arab Emirates
23.2nd International conference on Multidisciplinary Research Approaches in Social Sciences and Business Management-MSBM2019-08-202019-09-02Singapore
24.International Conference on Economics, Banking & Finance E-Commerce, Social Science and Management Studies2019-08-202019-08-27Maldives
25.International Conference on New Scientific Approaches in Business, Law, Education, Economic and Social Sciences2019-08-202019-08-27Maldives
26.26th International Conference on Dental Treatment2019-08-202019-08-26Austria
27.International Conference on Cell Science & Molecular Biology2019-08-192019-08-21France
29.Physicians Meet on Gastroenterology and Digestive Disorders2019-08-192019-08-20New Zealand
30.19th Edition of International Conference on Dermatology and Melanoma2019-08-192019-08-20Japan
31.19th Edition of International Conference on Dermatology and Melanoma2019-08-192019-08-19Japan
32.Physicians Meet on Gastroenterology and Digestive Disorders2019-08-192019-08-19New Zealand
33.7th World Heart Congress2019-08-182019-08-19Austria
34.Mental Health and Wellness 20192019-08-172019-09-16U.K.
35.The 12th International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO 2019)2019-08-172019-08-19China
36.4th International Conference & Expo on HIV-AIDS & Sexual Health2019-08-162019-09-16U.S.A
37.The 8th International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2019)2019-08-162019-09-16Poland
38.Synthetic Biology Summit 20192019-08-162019-09-11U.K.
39.International Conference on New Approaches in Information Technology, Networking and Engineering Innovation2019-08-162019-08-27Maldives
40.Australia Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economic and Administrative Science Research (AIBEA)2019-08-162019-08-26Australia
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