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    1.Learn Python Programming - Easy as Pie | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    2.Spark for Data Science with Python | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    3.Machine Learning, NLP & Python-Cut to the Chase | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    4.Image Processing Applications on Raspberry Pi - From Scratch | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    5.Python for Beginners 2017 | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    6.HBase - The Hadoop Database | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    7.Hadoop, MapReduce for Big Data problems | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    8.Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    9.Statistics and Data Science in R | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    10.Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    11.Introduction to Data Science with Python | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    12.Introduction to Data Science with R | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    13.Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning | Simpliv2022-12-302022-12-30U.S.A
    14.Practical Updates in Primary Care Virtual Series2021-05-132021-05-13U.S.A
    15.LRP's National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities2021-04-192021-04-19U.S.A
    16.Six Steps to Charisma and Confidence2021-04-072021-04-07U.S.A
    17.Working Successfully with Your Virtual Team2021-04-062021-04-06U.S.A
    18.Change Management - Or Why Didn't that go as Planned2021-04-062021-04-06U.S.A
    19.Marketing to Medicare or Medicaid Beneficiaries - What You Can and Cannot Do2021-03-312021-03-31U.S.A
    20.HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2, and FERPA - Rules for Managing Student Health Information2021-03-302021-03-30U.S.A
    21.Coaching and Mentoring for Outstanding Job Performance2021-03-232021-03-23U.S.A
    22.The Complexity and Interplay Among ADAAA, FMLA, and Worker's Comp (WC) - How Do They Work Together, or Not?2021-03-132021-03-23U.S.A
    23.The Anti-Kickback Statute: Paying for Referrals is a Bad Idea2021-03-222021-03-22U.S.A
    24.Telemedicine: Reimbursement Update2021-03-222021-03-22U.S.A
    25.Medical Device Cybersecurity Risk Management Training2021-03-122021-03-22U.S.A
    26.Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud - What it means to you when monitoring BSA and filing SARs2021-03-082021-03-18U.S.A
    27.Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud - What it means to you when monitoring BSA and filing SARs2021-03-082021-03-18U.S.A
    28.The Safety Responsibility of the HR Manager | HR and OSHA Laws2021-03-082021-03-18U.S.A
    29.Key Ratio Analysis - Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers Correctly2021-03-072021-03-17U.S.A
    30.Excel: Building a Reporting Tool with Pivot Tables and Charts2021-03-072021-03-17U.S.A
    31.Validation Essentials for Medical Device Manufacturers - IQ, OQ, PQ2021-03-062021-03-16U.S.A
    32.Strategic Planning and Execution Amidst the Coronavirus: The 1-2-3 Year Plan for Enterprise Success2021-03-152021-03-15U.S.A
    33.Implementing a Robust Data Integrity Program2021-03-022021-03-12U.S.A
    34.Medical Device Complaints & CAPA2021-03-092021-03-09U.S.A
    35.Effective Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) Development2021-03-092021-03-09U.S.A
    36.Regulatory Challenges of Real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)2021-03-092021-03-09U.S.A
    37.Project Management in Healthcare2021-03-092021-03-09U.S.A
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