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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.3-Hour People Intelligence Boot Camp: Successfully Dealing with Difficult Co-workers, Peers and Even Bosses2019-10-222019-10-22U.S.A
2.3 Hour Bootcamp on Human Error Prevention and Reduction: Practical Tools and Techniques2019-10-152019-10-15U.S.A
3.How to Give Corrective Feedback (the C.A.R.E. Model): Eliminating Negative Behaviour by Focusing on Accountability2019-10-152019-10-15U.S.A
4.How to Survive an Emotionally Toxic Workplace and Build Emotional Resiliency2019-10-092019-10-09U.S.A
5.Practical Approaches to Managing Toxic Personalities at Work: What Every HR Professional Should Know2019-10-042019-10-04U.S.A
6.3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp: Top Ten Excel Functions, Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX), Basics of Excel Macros with an Introduction to VBA2019-10-032019-10-03U.S.A
7.HR Auditing: Important Issues for 20202019-10-032019-10-03U.S.A
8.How to Cultivate Employee Accountability: A Refined Approach to Performance Management2019-10-012019-10-01U.S.A
9.The Totally Organized Professional Is All About ‘Outcomes’ - How to Fast Track Careers by a Focus on Results, with and Through the People You Work With2019-09-262019-09-26U.S.A
10.Engaging and Retaining Top Talents with Stay Interviews: Strategize Employee Engagement Before It’s Too Late2019-09-262019-09-26U.S.A
11.Webinar on Practical Approaches to Achieving More and Worrying Less at Work2019-09-262019-09-26U.S.A
12.Webinar on Engage Employees and Reduce Turnover Through Effective Stay interviews2019-09-262019-09-26U.S.A
13.Lookup Functions in Excel: Creating Error Free Workbooks2019-09-242019-09-24U.S.A
14.How to Turn Disengaged and Disruptive Employees (DDEs) into Star Performers and Eventually into Brand Ambassadors2019-09-242019-09-24U.S.A
15.Excel Lookup Functions: Make Your Workbooks Error Free2019-09-242019-09-24U.S.A
16.Webinar on Smart Performance Management Strategies for Disengaged Employees2019-09-242019-09-24U.S.A
17.How to Comply with the New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements for 2019 and 20202019-09-202019-09-20U.S.A
18.Webinar on How to Comply with the New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements for 2019 and 20202019-09-202019-09-20U.S.A
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