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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Clinical Data Management (CDM)2020-03-162020-03-26U.S.A
2.Sixteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society2020-02-262020-03-26U.S.A
3.Instead of Organizing for Risk, Control and Compliance Management, Use Business Process Management as the Basis2020-03-252020-03-25U.S.A
4.Challenges, Opportunities and Compliance Requirements for Same Day ACH (SDA)2020-03-252020-03-25U.S.A
5.“Why Didn’t That Go as Planned?” - Understanding and Strategizing Change Management2020-03-242020-03-24U.S.A
6.Employees From Hell: How to Turn Them Around or Turn Them Out2020-03-242020-03-24U.S.A
7.Strategic Planning and Execution: The 1-2-3 Year Plan for Enterprise Success2020-03-242020-03-24U.S.A
8.Validation, Verification and Transfer of Analytical Methods (Understanding and implementing guidelines from FDA/EMA, USP and ICH)2020-03-132020-03-23U.S.A
9.Biostatistics for the Non-Statistician2020-03-132020-03-23U.S.A
10.Improving Employee Engagement through Structured Mentoring2020-03-192020-03-19U.S.A
11.Communication Skills for Introverts: Leverage Your Qualities to Achieve the Best Impact2020-03-192020-03-19U.S.A
12.Developing Conflict Competent Leaders to Harness the Power of Organizational Conflicts2020-03-192020-03-19U.S.A
13.Preparing for FDA's New Import/Export Trauma in 20202020-03-092020-03-19U.S.A
14.Payroll Rules & Administration Simplified - Review & Implementation of Policies, Procedures and New Overtime Rules2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
15.The Ultimate Keystone Habit for Success: Impactful One-to-One Communication2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
16.TIN Matching System: Reducing B-Notices and Eliminating Proposed Penalties2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
17.Make Meetings Work: Stop Wasting Time and Start Leading To Be on Target, on Track and on Results2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
18.How to Leverage Millennials & Gen Z: Bridging the Generation Gap and Managing Expectations2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
19.3 Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp: Pivot Tables, Top 10 Functions & Formulas, Basics of Macros and VBA2020-03-182020-03-18U.S.A
20.Managing Multiple Bosses: The Art and Science of "Managing Up"2020-03-172020-03-17U.S.A
21.Multi-State Employment: Managing the Impossible Tasks Necessitated by Crossing State Lines2020-03-172020-03-17U.S.A
22.Key HR Metrics in 2020 and Their Role in Strategic and Operational Decision Making2020-03-172020-03-17U.S.A
23.Society for the Academic Study of Social Imagery2019-12-132020-03-13U.S.A
24.Preparing for a BSA/OFAC Regulatory Examination2020-03-122020-03-12U.S.A
25.Coach Up or Counsel Out – Managing Problem Employees, Including One or Two You May Have “Inherited”2020-03-122020-03-12U.S.A
26.Techniques and Strategies to Deal Effectively with Difficult People and Create a Positive Change2020-03-112020-03-11U.S.A
27.Engaging and Retaining Top Talents with Stay Interviews: Strategize Employee Engagement Before It’s Too Late2020-03-112020-03-11U.S.A
28.Employee Onboarding: Why Too Much Emphasis on ‘Fit’ Can Backfire2020-03-112020-03-11U.S.A
29.Developing and Implementing a Business Continuity Audit Program2020-03-102020-03-10U.S.A
30.Enhancing Employee Engagement to Drive Organizational Performance2020-03-102020-03-10U.S.A
31.The Essential Elements of Effective Coaching: How to Boost Employee Performance and Growth2020-03-102020-03-10U.S.A
32.Outlook Tips and Techniques: Survive an Avalanche of Emails2020-03-102020-03-10U.S.A
33.CAPA Management - How to Improve the System and Make it Sustainable2020-03-052020-03-05U.S.A
34.How to Give Corrective Feedback (the C.A.R.E. Model): Eliminating Negative Behavior by Focusing on Accountability2020-03-052020-03-05U.S.A
35.How to Give Corrective Feedback (the C.A.R.E. Model): Eliminate Negative Employee Behaviors with Constructive Feedback2020-03-052020-03-05U.S.A
36.What’s New in On boarding? A Guide to Designing, Developing and Implementing a Fabulous Onboarding Program2020-03-042020-03-04U.S.A
37.Developing a Framework for Managing Legal Risks Within Your Business2020-03-042020-03-04U.S.A
38.Mastering the Leap to Management: Skills and Techniques for New Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders2020-03-042020-03-04U.S.A
39.How to Succeed as a New Manager: Mastering Essential Skills and Avoiding Classic Mistakes2020-03-042020-03-04U.S.A
40.Stay Interviews: A Powerful Employee Engagement and Retention Tool2020-03-042020-03-04U.S.A
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