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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Ei Compendex /Conference Proceedings Citation index All Proceedings Scientific Conferences in Singapore2030-02-202030-02-24Singapore
2.International Conference on Control and Automation 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
3.International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
4.International Conference on Business Policy and Strategy Management 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
5.International Conference on Computer Graphics, Animation and Game 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
6.International Conference on Computing and Multimedia Applications 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
7.International Conference on Communication Technology for Social Networks 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
8.International Conference on Human and Smart Device Interaction 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
9.International Conference on Materials 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
10.International Conference on IT-based Mathematical Education 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
11.International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Theory and Technology 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
12.International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
13.International Conference on Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
14.International Conference on Next Generation Computer and Information Technology 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
15.International Conference on Software Technology 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
16.International Conference on Web Science and Engineering 20192019-07-302019-10-04Singapore
17.2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference2019-08-102019-09-10Singapore
18.2019 World Cosmetic and Dermatology Conference2019-08-102019-09-10Singapore
19.2019 Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology Conference2019-08-102019-09-10Singapore
20.2nd International conference on Organizational Behavior, HR and Social Science Innovation Research-OHSI2019-07-022019-08-01Singapore
21.International Conference On Nursing Science and Midwifery2018-12-202019-07-25Singapore
22.2nd International conference on Economic Impact of Entrepreneurship and Social Science Research on Society-EESR2019-06-022019-07-01Singapore
23.Nanotech 20192019-06-152019-06-20Singapore
25.2nd International Conference on Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship Growth and Role of Social Sciences EPGS-Singapore2019-05-252019-06-01Singapore
26.Singapore 57th International Conference on “Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences” (MMHS- 2019 Singapore)2019-05-252019-06-01Singapore
27.2nd Global Experts Meeting on Diabetes, Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome2019-05-172019-05-18Singapore
28.ACM-2019 5th International Conference on Mechatronic Systems and Robots(ICMSR 2019)--Ei Compendex and Scopus2018-12-302019-05-03Singapore
29.2019 2nd International Conference on New Energy and Environment Engineering (ICNEE 2019)--JA, Scopus2018-12-302019-05-03Singapore
30.2nd International Conference on Modern Tendency in Social Science, Humanities, Economy and Business Management SHEB-Singapore2019-04-022019-05-02Singapore
31.2019 2nd International Conference on Power and Energy Applications(ICPEA 2019)--Ei Compendex and Scopus2019-01-102019-04-27Singapore
32.2019 The 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy (ICSGE 2019)2018-12-102019-04-27Singapore
33.Singapore 55th International Conference on “Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences” (MMHS- 2018 Singapore) April 03-04, 2019 Singapore2019-03-252019-04-03Singapore
34.2nd International Conference on Advance Research in the Field of Business, Economy and Social Science Research-BESSR-Singapore2019-03-022019-04-01Singapore
35.2019 – 3rd International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 16-17 March, Singapore2019-03-142019-03-16Singapore
36.2nd ICSTR Singapore – International Conference on Science & Technology Research, 15-16 March 20192019-03-132019-03-15Singapore
37.2019 – IIIrd International Conference on Business, Economics, Law, Language & Psychology (ICBELLP), March 14-15, Singapore2019-03-122019-03-14Singapore
38.20th World Dermatology Congress2019-03-132019-03-13Singapore
39.3rd ICRTEL 2019 – International Conference on Research in Teaching, Education & Learning, 13-14 March, Singapore2019-03-112019-03-13Singapore
40.2nd Singapore – International Conference on Research in Social Science & Humanities (ICRSSH), 12-13 March 20192019-03-102019-03-12Singapore
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