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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.8th International Symposium on Fusion of Science and Technology2019-05-312020-01-06India
2.Fifth International Conference on Inter Disciplinary Research in Engineering and Technology 20182018-09-302019-11-29India
3.International Conference on Innovative Research in Bioscience, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Cancer Biology and Applied Biotechnology (BCA-2019)2019-05-062019-05-11India
4.International Conference On Public Health: Alternative Methods Vis-à-vis Modern Medical Practices-Issue and Challenges (PHC-2019)2019-05-062019-05-11India
5.International Conference on Mass Communication, Multimedia, Myths, Archetypes,Film Studies, Visual Culture: Principles and Practices (Mass-Comm. -2019)2019-04-292019-05-04India
6.International Conference On Recent Trends in Humanities, Education, Arts, Culture, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Gender and Management Studies (HEALM‐2019)2019-04-292019-05-04India
7.INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE On Innovative Research in “Mechanical, Material, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace and Nano-Technology” (MIANT-2019)2019-04-222019-04-27India
8.International Conference on Recent Advances in “Chemical, Bioprocess, Textile, Fashion Technology and Mining Engineering” (CBTFM-2019)2019-04-222019-04-27India
9.International Conference On Contemporary Issues in Integrating Health and Nutrition with the Emerging Areas of Food Technology, Agriculture, Environment and Allied Sciences2019-03-262019-04-06India
10.International Conference on Civil Engineering, Built Environment, Architecture and Environmental Sciences for Sustainable evelopment (CBAE-2019)2019-03-252019-03-30India
11.International Conference On “Electronics Communication, Robotics, Data Mining, Information Sciences and Electrical Engineering” (ERDIE– 2019)2019-03-252019-03-30India
12.International Conference On “Engineering, Sciences, Agriculture, Environment, Humanities and Business Management,(ESAEHB-2019)2019-03-022019-03-16India
13.International Conference On “Education, Humanities, Business Management, Engineering, Sciences, Agro-ecology” (EHBSA-2019)2019-02-202019-03-09India
14.International Conference on Recent Advances in Agriculture, Aquaculture, Food Technology, Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change (AFTEC-2019)2019-02-252019-03-02India
15.International Conference on “Innovative Approach in Applied Physical, Mathematical/Statistical, Chemical Sciences and Emerging Energy Technology for Sustainable Development” (APMSCSET-2019)2019-02-252019-03-02India
16.World Congress On Innovations and Research in Arts, Culture, Literature,Languages, Philosophy and Spirituality2019-02-182019-02-23India
17.International Conference On Innovative Research in Education, Law, Governance, Gender Studies, Humanities and Various Management Practices2019-02-182019-02-23India
18.Third International Conference on Advances & Challenges in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
19.Third International Conference on Advanced Innovations in Engineering and Technology 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
20.Third International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Systems 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
21.Second International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
22.Ninth International Conference on Computer Applications 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
23.Second International Conference on Cloud, Big Data and Analytics 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
24.Second International Conference on Frontier Areas in Power, Energy and Control 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
25.Second International Conference on Frontiers of Research in Engineering, Science and Technology 20192018-12-302019-01-29India
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