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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.World Congress on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering2018-03-312018-06-28United Arab Emirates
2.9th Annual Congress and Expo on Biofuels and Bioenergy2018-04-102018-04-16United Arab Emirates
3.International Conference on English, Arts, Sociology and Religious Studies2017-12-202018-01-01United Arab Emirates
4.International Conference on Human Rights, E-Commerce, Marketing, and Management2017-12-202018-01-01United Arab Emirates
5.8th International Conference on Agricultural, Environment, Biology and Medical Sciences2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
6.10th International Conference on Biological, Biomedical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Cellular and Molecular Approach)2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
7.7th International Conference on Innovations in Engineering & Technology2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
8.8th International Conference on Urban Planning, Architecture, Civil and Environment Engineering2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
9.9th International Conference on Languages, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
10.8th International Conference on Tourism, Business, Finance and Interdisciplinary Studies2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
11.16th IIE International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication Engineering2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
12.International Conference on Arts, Music, Literature and Islamic Studies2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
13.International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance, and Management2017-12-102017-12-21United Arab Emirates
14.Global Meeting on Materials Science & Nanotechnology2017-11-152017-12-11United Arab Emirates
15.International Conference on Cancer Diagnostics2017-10-302017-11-27United Arab Emirates
16.International Conference on Cancer Diagnostics2017-09-222017-11-27United Arab Emirates
17.22nd Global Annual Oncologists Meeting2017-09-222017-11-27United Arab Emirates
18.Annual Meeting on Pharmacology2017-10-312017-11-23United Arab Emirates
19.Higher Education MENA2017-11-192017-11-19United Arab Emirates
20.Education Investment MENA2017-11-192017-11-19United Arab Emirates
21.EdEx MENA2017-11-182017-11-19United Arab Emirates
22.4th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ELEL 2017)2017-08-272017-10-28United Arab Emirates
23.10th International Conference on Neuropharmacology and Neuropharmaceuticals2017-10-012017-10-23United Arab Emirates
24.10th Dubai International Conference on Literature, History, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies2017-10-052017-10-18United Arab Emirates
25.9th International Conference on Law, Business, Education and Tourism Management2017-10-052017-10-18United Arab Emirates
26.International Conference on Arts, Fashion, Philosophy and Islamic Studies2017-10-052017-10-18United Arab Emirates
27.International Conference on Economics, Finance, E-Commerce and Applied Mathematics2017-10-052017-10-18United Arab Emirates
28.10th International Conference on Building Design, Architecture, Materials and Transportation Engineering2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
29.9th International Conference on Chemical, Civil, Environmental and Medical Sciences2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
30.9th International Conference on Chemical, Civil and Environmental Sciences2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
31.9th International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
32.9th International Conference on Literature, Humanities and Education2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
33.9th International Conference on Business, Economics and Law2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
34.9th International Conference on Innovations in Engineering & Technology2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
35.9th International Conference on Latest Computational Technologies2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
36.9th International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Automobile Engineering2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
37.9th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
38.9th International Conference on Image Processing, Data Mining and Computer Engineering2017-10-052017-10-17United Arab Emirates
39.10th International Conference on Innovations in Science, Engineering, Computers and Technology2017-09-302017-10-17United Arab Emirates
40.DUBAI 9th International Conference on Agricultural, Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences2017-09-302017-10-17United Arab Emirates
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