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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Global Experts Meeting On Cell and Gene Therapy2018-04-242018-04-25United Arab Emirates
2.Global Experts Meeting on Microbiology2017-07-272018-04-25United Arab Emirates
3.Global Experts Meeting on Microbiology2017-07-272018-04-25United Arab Emirates
4.International Conference on Internal Medicine2018-03-242018-04-23United Arab Emirates
5.International Conference on Internal Medicine2018-03-242018-04-23United Arab Emirates
6.International Conference on Internal Medicine2018-03-242018-04-23United Arab Emirates
7.4th international conference on neurological disorders and stroke2018-04-192018-04-19United Arab Emirates
8.9th Annual Congress and Expo on Biofuels and Bioenergy2018-04-102018-04-16United Arab Emirates
9.World Congress on Diabetes and Endocrinology2018-03-162018-04-16United Arab Emirates
10.2018 the 5th International Conference on Robotics, Mechanics and Mechatronics (ICRMM 2018)--Ei Compendex & Scopus2017-10-152018-03-16United Arab Emirates
11.7th International Research Conference on Science, Health and Medicine 20182017-08-202018-01-04United Arab Emirates
12.2017 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Electronic (ICIIE 2017)2017-08-302017-12-29United Arab Emirates
13.2017 International Conference on Industrial Design Engineering (ICIDE 2017)--Ei, Scopus2017-08-202017-12-29United Arab Emirates
14.Vaccines Conference | Vaccines 2017 | World Vaccines Congress | Immunology Conferences | Science Access | USA | Europe | Dubai | 2017 | 20182017-12-112017-12-13United Arab Emirates
15.2017 Third International Conference on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (ICMAE 2017)2017-07-302017-12-13United Arab Emirates
16.2017 2nd International Workshop on Aircraft Design and Control Engineering (WADCE 2017)2017-07-302017-12-13United Arab Emirates
17.Global Meeting on Materials Science & Nanotechnology2017-11-152017-12-11United Arab Emirates
18.Global Nursing Congress 20172017-10-112017-12-11United Arab Emirates
19.International Conference on Vaccines and Vaccination2017-07-012017-12-11United Arab Emirates
20.Third International Academic Research Webinar on Global Business, Theme: Research for Innovation & Excellence!2017-09-102017-12-09United Arab Emirates
21.Global Experts Meeting On Sexually Transmitted Diseases Dubai, UAE December 06-07, 20172017-11-302017-12-06United Arab Emirates
22.Global Experts Meeting On Sexually Transmitted Diseases2017-08-302017-12-06United Arab Emirates
23.Global Summit & Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Science2017-10-102017-12-04United Arab Emirates
24.25th Global Diabetes Summit and Medicare Expo2017-09-142017-12-04United Arab Emirates
25.6th International Conference on Engineering, Management, Technology and Science 20172017-08-142017-12-04United Arab Emirates
26.Global Cancer Meet and Expo2017-08-102017-12-04United Arab Emirates
27.World Vaccine Summit and Expo2017-08-102017-12-04United Arab Emirates
28.9th International Research Conference on Science, Management and Engineering 20172017-08-072017-12-04United Arab Emirates
29.International Conference on Cancer Diagnostics2017-10-302017-11-27United Arab Emirates
30.26th World Cancer Convention2017-10-152017-11-27United Arab Emirates
31.International Conference on Cancer Diagnostics2017-09-222017-11-27United Arab Emirates
32.22nd Global Annual Oncologists Meeting2017-09-222017-11-27United Arab Emirates
33.6th International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Management and Science 20172017-08-052017-11-27United Arab Emirates
34.17th Global Ophthalmology and Glaucoma Conference2016-12-282017-11-27United Arab Emirates
35.17th Global Ophthalmology and Glaucoma Conference2016-12-202017-11-27United Arab Emirates
36.International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology2017-10-182017-11-25United Arab Emirates
37.4th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CSEIT-2017)2017-07-292017-11-25United Arab Emirates
38.4th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Multimedia (SPM - 2017)2017-07-292017-11-25United Arab Emirates
39.9th International Conference on Networks & Communications (NeTCoM - 2017)2017-07-292017-11-25United Arab Emirates
40.9th International Conference on Network and Communications Security (NCS 2017)2017-07-292017-11-25United Arab Emirates
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