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    1.How to Make Sure Your Independent Contractors Are Really Independent2020-08-182020-08-18U.S.A
    2.Managing Through a Pandemic: Strategies for Planning, Implementing and Dealing with Organizational Changes2020-08-182020-08-18U.S.A
    3.Making Workplaces Safe and Productive in 2020: Techniques to Prevent Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination - 2-Hour Boot Camp2020-08-182020-08-18U.S.A
    4.Preparing the Workplace for the New Normal: 2020 Updates on EEOC and ADA Regulations2020-08-182020-08-18U.S.A
    5.Quality Control Laboratory Compliance - cGMPs and GLPs2020-08-172020-08-27U.S.A
    6.Best Practices in Preparation for an FDA Computer System Audit2020-08-172020-08-27U.S.A
    7.A Review of the Latest Prevention and Treatment Strategies For COVID-192020-08-172020-08-27U.S.A
    8.7th International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2020)2020-08-152020-09-25U.S.A
    9.2nd International Conference on Trends in Mechanical and Aerospace (TMAE 2020)2020-08-152020-09-25U.S.A
    10.Preparing for a US FDA CGMP Compliance Audit Under 21 CFR 210, 211 and 8202020-08-152020-08-25U.S.A
    11.International Webinar on Cancer Research2020-08-142020-08-15U.S.A
    12.Physician Employment Agreements: Items to Consider2020-08-132020-08-13U.S.A
    13.How to Deal with Difficult People – Techniques to Reduce Conflict and Stress2020-08-132020-08-13U.S.A
    14.The Work-Life of the Future: Managing the Changes at Work and Exploring New Opportunities2020-08-132020-08-13U.S.A
    15.Use Microsoft Outlook to Its Fullest Extent: Tips, Techniques and Best Practices. It’s Money in Your Pocket!2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    16.Successfully Managing Employees Who Work from Home: How to Foster Accountability and Boost Performance2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    17.3 Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp: Sort and Filter Tools, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation and Visualizing Excel with Smart-Art and Charts2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    18.Creating Civility in the Workforce – Whatever Happened to Respect? How to Turbo Charge a Safe and Embracing Return to Work2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    19.Redefining Workplace Civility in the New Normal: Key to a Positive Work Culture2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    20.Unlock the full potential of MS Outlook: lesser known techniques2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    21.Unlock the full potential of MS Outlook: lesser known techniques2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    22.Remote Workforce Management in 2020: Tools and Strategies for Team Leaders2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    23.Excel Automation Simplified: Data Formatting, Validation and Visualization2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    24.Excel Automation Simplified: Data Formatting, Validation and Visualization2020-08-122020-08-12U.S.A
    25.Performance Reviews: A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Them Meaningfully and Effectively2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    26.6-Hour Virtual Seminar on Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    27.3-Hour People Intelligence Boot Camp: Successfully Dealing with Difficult Co-workers, Peers and Even Bosses2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    28.Creating Balance During Business Disruption: Steps to Promoting Employee Engagement and Wellbeing2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    29.The New American Math - Dealing with Curves2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    30.How to Be a Strategic Leader in 2020: Planning & Decision Making in Today's Environment2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    31.3-Hour People Intelligence Boot Camp: 7 Types of Stressful Co-Workers and How to Handle Them2020-08-112020-08-11U.S.A
    32.Complete 1099, TIN Matching, B-Notice, FATCA and Nonresident Alien 1042-S Compliance Update2020-08-102020-08-25U.S.A
    33.Navigating through Maze of In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Regulations: A systematic approach from Regulatory Strategy to Regulatory Approvals in U.S./Europe/Canada2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    34.Navigating through Maze of In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Regulations: A systematic approach from Regulatory Strategy to Regulatory Approvals in U.S./Europe/Canada2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    35.Food Safety: Leadership Commitment2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    36.Case Management Boot Camp: Strategies for Success in the Acute Care Setting and Beyond!2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    37.Transforming Corporate Spending Processes: T&E and AP Best Practices and Digitization2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    38.Accounts Payable Fraud - Detecting and Preventing AP Fraud2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    39.Project Management for Non-Project Managers in The Life Sciences2020-08-102020-08-20U.S.A
    40.Using VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX2020-08-102020-08-10U.S.A
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