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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.3rd International Conference on Data Mining & Knowledge Management ( Dakm 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
2.8th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology(CCSIT 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
3.6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing (AISC 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
4.3rd International Conference on Networks, Communications, Wireless and Mobile Computing(NCWMC 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
5.7th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed Computing Technologies and Applications (PDCTA 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
6.3rd International Conference on Software Engineering (SOEN-2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
7.3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering (CiViE-2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
8.3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering (CHEME 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
9.6th International Conference On Mechanical Engineering (Meche 2018)2018-10-302018-11-24United Arab Emirates
10.2018 2nd International Conference on Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering(ICFMCE 2018)2018-10-302018-11-20United Arab Emirates
11.2018 2nd International Symposium on Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation(ISMDMA 2018)2018-10-302018-11-20United Arab Emirates
12.2018 International Joint Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers(CSSC 2018)2018-10-302018-11-20United Arab Emirates
13.2018 International Joint Conference on Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering(JCABE 2018)2018-10-302018-11-20United Arab Emirates
14.2nd International Conference on Growing Trends in Practical and Academic Research2018-10-302018-11-16United Arab Emirates
15.5th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CSEIT)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
16.10th International Conference on Applications of Graph Theory in Wireless Ad hoc Networks and Sensor Networks (GRAPH-HOC - 2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
17.10th International Conference on Network and Communications Security(NCS)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
18.10th International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Networks (WiMoNe-2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
19.5th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Multimedia(SPM 2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
20.3rd International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Sciences (AMA 2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
21.3rd International Conference on Trends in Mechanical Engineering (MEC 2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
22.3rd International Conference on Bioscience & Engineering (BIOENG2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
23.3rd International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (MSE 2018)2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
24.10th International Conference on Networks & Communications2018-10-282018-12-22United Arab Emirates
25.Addiction20182018-10-272018-11-26United Arab Emirates
26.2nd International Meeting on Cosmetology and Trichology2018-10-262019-04-19United Arab Emirates
27.International Conference on Addiction Research and therapy2018-10-262018-11-26United Arab Emirates
28.3rd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Science (BES 2018)2018-10-212018-11-24United Arab Emirates
29.14th International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 20192018-10-202019-04-01United Arab Emirates
30.6th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CoSIT 2019)2018-10-202019-01-26United Arab Emirates
31.6th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIGL 2019)2018-10-202019-01-26United Arab Emirates
32.World Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation2018-10-192018-12-29United Arab Emirates
33.2nd Annual Conference on Pediatric Nursing and Healthcare2018-10-152019-04-16United Arab Emirates
34.2nd Global Experts Meeting on Psychiatry and Mental Health2018-10-152019-01-28United Arab Emirates
35.15th International Conference on Modern Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology 20192018-10-152019-01-17United Arab Emirates
36.International Conference on Viral Infection and Immune Response2018-10-152018-11-15United Arab Emirates
37.International Conference on Viral Infection and Immune Response2018-10-152018-11-15United Arab Emirates
38.10th International Conference on Networks & Communications2018-10-142018-12-22United Arab Emirates
39.8th International Conference on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)2018-10-142018-11-15United Arab Emirates
40.6th World Congress on Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation2018-10-122018-11-13United Arab Emirates
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