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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.International Journal OF Advanced Medical Sciences (IJAMS)2020-08-222020-09-30India
    2.9th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2020)2020-08-202020-10-09Japan
    3.11th International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology (ICMST 2020)2020-08-152020-09-22U.K.
    4.2nd International Conference on Education and Service Sciences (ICESS 2020)2020-08-152020-09-25China
    5.3rd Athens – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 15-16 September 20212020-08-152021-09-15Greece
    6.3rd ICSTR Athens – International Conference on Science & Technology Research, 17-18 September 20212020-08-152021-09-17Greece
    7.2021 – 15th International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 18-19 September, Athens2020-08-152021-09-18Greece
    8.5th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes (CSP’20)2020-08-112020-10-14Online
    9.Virtual Conference on Future of Science 20202020-08-112020-09-25Sri Lanka
    10.The 7th Int’l Conference on Polymer Materials Science (PMS 2021)2020-08-032021-01-08China
    11.18th JOHANNESBURG International Conference on Science, Engineering, Technology and Waste Management2020-07-312020-11-16South Africa
    12.2020 2nd International Conference on Geoscience and Environmental Chemistry2020-07-312020-10-09China
    13.18th SOUTH AFRICA International Conference on Agricultural, Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences2020-07-312020-11-16South Africa
    14.18th JOHANNESBURG International Conference on Education, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-312020-11-16South Africa
    15.2020 6th International Conference on Food and Environmental Sciences (ICFES 2020)--EI Compendex, Scopus2020-07-202020-09-28Vietnam
    16.The 4th International Conference on Computer Science and Application Engineering2020-07-202020-10-20China
    17.11th International Conference on Information Science and Applications 2020 (ICISA2020)2020-07-202020-12-16Indonesia
    18.19th LISBON International Conference on Infectious Diseases, Biological and Environmental Sciences2020-07-152020-11-03Portugal
    19.25th PORTO International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental, Biological and Medical Sciences2020-07-152020-10-07Portugal
    20.25th PORTO International Conference on “Languages, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences”2020-07-152020-10-07Portugal
    21.22nd LISBON – PORTUGAL International Conference on Literature, Music, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-152020-11-03Portugal
    22.23rd PORTUGAL International Conference on Innovations in “Science, Engineering and Technology”2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    23.23rd LISBON International Conference on “Waste Management, Agricultural, Biological and Medical Sciences”2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    24.23rd LISBON International Conference on Marketing, Tourism, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    25.2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Arts 20202020-06-302020-10-08Thailand
    26.4th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (COMIT 2020)2020-06-072020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    27.6th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Automation Science (ICMEAS 2020)2020-05-252020-10-29Russia
    28.The 7th Conference on Astrophysics and Space Science (APSS 2020) 2020-05-252020-12-05China
    29.The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Control, Optimization and Computer Science ICECOCS’202020-05-012020-12-02Morocco
    30.International Conference on Innovation Dynamics of Management Economics Business and Social Sciences-MEBSS2015-12-192027-12-19Maldives
    31.International Conference on Global trends in Academic Research , Business Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences-ARBES2015-11-192027-11-19Maldives
    32.International Conference on Contemporary issues in Social Science, Innovation, Culture, Economics and Management Sciences-SICEM2015-10-192025-10-19Maldives
    33.International Conference on Quality Parameters and Challenges in E-Business, Economics and Social Science Research-QCESR2001-09-192027-09-19Maldives
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