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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.International Conference on Fluid Flow and Thermal Science2020-07-202020-09-09Canada
    2.4th Bali – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 21-22 July 2020 (Online)2020-07-192020-07-21Indonesia
    3.2020 3rd International Workshop on Environment and Geoscience2020-07-182020-07-20China
    4.ISER 2nd International Conference on Current Research in Business Management, Social Science, Economics Growth, Politics & Governance2020-07-182020-07-28Italy
    5.2nd International Conference on Research in Engineering, Applied Science, Design, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence2020-07-172020-07-27Maldives
    6.2020 4th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS2020)2020-07-172020-07-18China
    7.2020 the 8th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Civil Engineering (ICMEMSCE2020)2020-07-172020-11-23Thailand
    8.5th International Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (ICPPS 2020)2020-07-152020-09-15Japan
    9.3rd International Conference on Arts, Management, Finance, Social Science and Humanities (AMFSH-JULY-2020)2020-07-152020-07-25Greece
    10.WEASC 3rd International Conference on Information Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Basic & Applied Sciences2020-07-152020-07-25Greece
    11.IRNEST 3rd International Conference on Engineering and Technology, Smart Materials, Applied Sciences & Telecommunications2020-07-152020-07-25China
    12.3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary issues in Economics, Business and Social Sciences IEBS-July-20202020-07-152020-07-25Japan
    13.3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary issues in Economics, Business and Social Sciences IEBS-July-20202020-07-152020-07-25Japan
    14.3rd International conference on Multidisciplinary Challenges in Business Management and social science Theories.2020-07-152020-07-25China
    15.3rd International conference on Organizational Behavior ,HR and Social Science Innovation Research-OHSI2020-07-152020-08-05Singapore
    16.2020 – 12th International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 17-18 July, Bangkok (Online)2020-07-152020-07-17Thailand
    17.11th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICEST 2020)2020-07-152020-10-23China
    18.28th Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Marketing, Tourism and Management Sciences2020-07-152020-07-31Malaysia
    19.11th International Conference on Agriculture and Animal Science (ICAAS 2020)2020-07-152020-10-22Portugal
    20.7th International Scientific Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES (ISCSS) 20202020-07-152020-08-23Bulgaria
    21.19th LISBON International Conference on Infectious Diseases, Biological and Environmental Sciences2020-07-152020-11-03Portugal
    22.25th PORTO International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental, Biological and Medical Sciences2020-07-152020-10-07Portugal
    23.25th PORTO International Conference on “Languages, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences”2020-07-152020-10-07Portugal
    24.21st PORTO - PORTUGAL International Conference on Language, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-152020-08-11Portugal
    25.22nd LISBON – PORTUGAL International Conference on Literature, Music, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-152020-11-03Portugal
    26.23rd PORTUGAL International Conference on Innovations in “Science, Engineering and Technology”2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    27.23rd LISBON International Conference on “Waste Management, Agricultural, Biological and Medical Sciences”2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    28.23rd LISBON International Conference on Marketing, Tourism, Humanities and Social Sciences2020-07-152020-09-23Portugal
    29.2020 Spring International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE-S 2020)2020-07-142020-08-14China
    30.2020 Spring International Conference on Material Sciences and Technology (MST-S 2020)2020-07-142020-08-14China
    31.6th ICSTR Bangkok – International Conference on Science & Technology Research, 16-17 July 2020 (Online)2020-07-142020-07-16Thailand
    32.2nd International conference on Advancement in Social Science, Social Entrepreneurship and Business Research Methods (ASSSE)2020-07-132020-07-23Thailand
    33.3rd International Conference on Research Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education, Business Management and Social Sciences2020-07-122020-07-22Indonesia
    34.6th Bangkok – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 14-15 July 2020 (Online)2020-07-122020-07-14Thailand
    35.International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT)2020-07-112020-08-19India
    36.6th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CSITY 2020)2020-07-112020-10-24Australia
    37.7th International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (CSEN 2020)2020-07-112020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    38.4th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (MSE 2020)2020-07-112020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    39.4th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Sciences (AMA 2020)2020-07-112020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    40.4th International Conference on Bioscience & Engineering (BIOENG 2020)2020-07-112020-10-25United Arab Emirates
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